“When students are encouraged to address real problems, work collaboratively, and produce tangible results, the outcome might look like eight shiny red bikes. Five students – Pat Shier, Gavin Schneider, Megan Windle, Amy Bruce, and Robyn Perras- serendipitously sat in the same row in an Arctic Development class. From a class assignment, the idea of The Bike Share was formed based off inspirational models seen in other cities. While their original ambitions were much larger than the university bureaucracy would allow, they met weekly, solved endless problems, met with all countless faculty members, and wrote more grants than they would like to admit. Eight months after the class had ended, the new club received their first grant by the SU Sustainability Fund. In February 2016, they purchased eight brand new bikes, locks, and helmets and began renting them. The Bike Share was founded off the ideals that biking should be affordable and accessible to everybody. Whether as a promotion of alternative transportation, or as a means to get students exploring off campus, this program is part a trend to create bike-friendly communities around the globe.”

Gavin Schneider
Former President of UofC Bike Share (2015 – 2016)p1040919

(The Bike Share Executive Team 2015-2016- Left to Right: Gavin Schneider, Megan Windle, Pat Shier, Robyn Perras, Amy Bruce)

Former Club Executives: 

  • Ruth Moges, Volunteer Coordinator (2016)
  • Hailey Hewstan, VP Communications (2016)
  • Andrei Tihan, Co-President (2016)
  • Yana Soldatenko, VP Communications (2016-2017)
  • Nicole Reubstillo, VP Finance (2016-2017)
  • Eddie Curreem, VP Operations (2016-2017)