The 2017-2018 Bike Share Executive Team. The team consists of a diverse group of undergraduate students at University of Calgary. They work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the Bike Share operates smoothly. Here is your team:

  • Niko Casuncad


    Niko Casuncad is the President of the Bike Share. He is an incoming fourth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies and certificate in Sustainability Studies at the University of Calgary. During his solo adventure to New York City in Summer 2015, he explored, marvelled and questioned the urban fabric. Niko was astonished with New York City’s Bike Share system called…

  • Jas Jing Hui Tan

    Vice President Internal

    I am an international student from Singapore, currently in my second year of studies, majoring in psychology. I am really grateful to be given the position as Vice President of Internal Relations, in which I will be able to learn how the sustainability program can impact the city of Calgary. Coming to Calgary has been an eye opener for me and upon seeing how the…

  • Mariah Wilson

    Vice President Communications

    Currently, Mariah is a fourth year urban studies student who is passionate about the social, political, economic, cultural, and geographical processes that shape cities. She started my university education in kinesiology with aspirations of becoming a doctor, but soon realized that she was more passionate about creating change within the larger community, not just one sector. That’s why Mariah finds that being a part of the…

  • Yossri Khalil

    Vice President of Finance

    Yossri Khalil considers himself a multicultural person, since he uses his wealth of diverse experiences from growing up in Lebanon in his current volunteer and professional pursuits. Yossri dreams of his bright future in the field of engineering, which is why he travelled thousands of miles to attend the University of Calgary – a world-class institution. At the moment Yossri is in his second year, working…

  • Kurtis Rabel

    Vice President of Events

    I am a third year student working towards a combination degree of Urban Studies and Sociology. Integrating sustainability, wellbeing and clever design into cities is my utmost priority. Cycling is a cost effective solution to many of the problems cities currently confront. Urban environments must now encourage creativity, in order to attract both talent and ability.

  • David Thacker

    Vice President of Operations
  • Ileana Park

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Ileana is a fourth year undergraduate student with a major in Urban Studies and a minor in Visual Arts. She previously worked in Marketing, Media and Communications at Calgary United Way- an experience she finds valuable in her position as Volunteer Coordinator. She is interested in the ways different municipalities manage their transportation, especially in large cities such as Tokyo and Amsterdam. As each city…

  • Alexandra Urbieta

    Jr. Executive

    I am an international student from Mexico and am currently in my second year of engineering. I’ve always had a passion for mechanical systems through trying to understand how different machines work. I’ve also had a strong love for nature, and I feel that this is a great outlet for me to express both. For me, I see the UofC Bike Share as an organization…